Futuregrowth Asset ManagementAs a leading South African fixed-interest investment manager, we offer
investors the full scope of rand-denominated interest-bearing funds to
manage their income and short-term investment requirements.

      Futuregrowth Asset Management

      At Futuregrowth we identify, procure and manage a variety of fixed interest instruments to generate sustainable returns for investors. Our best investment view is guided by both a top-down approach (to formulate macroeconomic views) together with a bottom-up approach (to assess asset valuations). This helps us to take advantage of opportunities in the lending market allowing us to provide clients with a secure income at reduced risk.
      What we offer

      Futuregrowth offers a range of rand-denominated interest-bearing funds designed to take advantage of interest rate cycles, balancing risk and return to grow wealth while outpacing inflation.

      Old Mutual Money Market Fund preserves the value of money over the short term.

      Old Mutual Interest Plus Fund aims to enhance returns with slightly more risk exposure than a money market fund.

      Old Mutual Income Fund aims to provide the perfect balance between risk and return, to grow income, while outpacing inflation.

      Old Mutual Bond Fund is designed to actively take advantage of interest rate cycles and aims to generate more returns, while growing capital.

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      Our competitive edge

      Market leaders.
      We are a leading South African fixed interest investment company, which manages more than R200 bn assets across the fixed interest spectrum and credit markets.

      Diverse expertise.
      Our experienced team of investment professionals use their skills and diverse experience to invest across most sectors of the fixed interest and credit markets. Our credit assessment and capability is one of our core strengths with the backing of a sizable team.

      Independent thinkers.
      We apply investment judgment based on informed, diligent, objective and independent analysis. We have a strong credit team and have no need to rely on external credit ratings to price, value or make investment decisions.

      ESG screening and investor activism.
      ESG considerations are embodied in our sense of purpose, based on the belief that investors can make a positive difference in society while earning sound investment performance. We apply ESG screening, proxy voting, and active ownership and engagement as key components of our responsible investment strategy. All our unit trust funds have exposure to social impact projects that make a difference to the community or environment.

      Our competitive edge
      Investment series

      Our flagship unit trusts range of ten funds out of a total 40 unit trusts


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