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      Old Mutual Global Equity Fund

      The fund managers follow a dynamic investment process that isn’t aligned to a particular investment style. Instead they seek to exploit a number of biases in a dynamic and efficient way, with the aim to deliver outperformance, driven principally by bottom-up stock selection across an expansive universe of global shares. Stringent risk-management techniques are applied, carefully controlling turnover and trading costs while maintaining strict limits on sector and stock positions. The Old Mutual Global Equity Fund is managed by Jupiter Fund Management, a leading UK-based global asset management firm*.
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      Old Mutual Global Equity Fund is a rand-denominated fund holding a diversified portfolio of equities in developed markets globally. The fund seeks out compelling investment opportunities wherever these exist globally, irrespective of sector, country or region.

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      Global equities offer vast opportunities for growth.
      The fund offers investors a well-diversified portfolio of 3600 shares across developed world economies, with no bias to any one geographical region, industry or sector.

      Unique investment approach.
      Our investment approach follows an unemotional quantitative (not fundamental) and factor driven process for stock selection. The market state drives dynamic asset selection /portfolio construction resulting in a diversified, low concentration, but high conviction portfolio.

      Focus on performance.
      The investment team has a strong, performance-oriented culture, which enables them to deliver exceptional returns to investors. This is evident in the significant market and peer outperformance over the fund’s tenure as well as across the multiple award-winning strategies the team manages.

      Our competitive edge
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      Our flagship unit trusts range of ten funds out of a total 40 unit trusts


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      * The Jupiter Fund Management plc acquisition of Merian Global Investors was concluded on 1st July 2020. The fund continues to be managed by Ian Heslop and Amadeo Alentorn, supported by all members of the Merian team. The investment objective, philosophy and process remains unchanged.