MacroSolutions Our inflation-targeted multi-asset solutions span the risk/return spectrum
offering diversification across local and global asset classes.
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      Our active approach to managing multi-asset class and equity funds considers both theme and price by combining “top down” macroeconomic research with “bottom up” fundamental analysis. With a keen eye on risk management to improve risk-adjusted returns, our disciplined and repeatable quantamental process (a combination of quantitative and fundamental analysis) enables us to offer clients a more stable path of performance underpinned by a history of delivery to fund objectives at lower volatility.
      What we offer

      Our multi-asset fund range includes:

      Old Mutual Real Income Fund a low equity multi-asset fund that targets CPI 1 – 2% net of fees.

      Old Mutual Stable Growth Fund a low equity multi-asset fund that targets CPI 2 – 3% net of fees.

      Old Mutual Moderate Balanced Fund a medium equity multi-asset fund that targets CPI 3 – 4% net of fees.

      Old Mutual Balanced Fund a high equity multi-asset fund that targets CPI 4 - 5 % net of fees.

      Old Mutual Flexible Fund a flexible multi-asset fund that targets CPI 5 – 7% net of fees.

      Old Mutual Maximum Return Fund a worldwide flexible multi-asset fund that invests primarily in a selection of local and global funds as it aims to generate maximum returns over the long term.

      Our equity fund range includes: 

      Old Mutual Investors’ Fund is South Africa’s longest running unit trust. It aims to deliver superior returns over the medium to longer term through a broadly diversified portfolio of South African shares.

      Old Mutual Equity Fund aims to deliver long-term capital growth by investing in South African and international shares. Local market exposure focuses predominantly on the top 100 shares.

      Old Mutual Gold Fund invests in the shares of global and South African gold, and other precious metal companies that show above-average growth prospects.

      Old Mutual Mid & Small-Cap Fund invests in South African growth businesses, targeting companies with a market capitalisation smaller than those listed on the FTSE/JSE Large Cap Index.

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      Our competitive edge

      Disciplined framework.
      Our philosophy is captured in a two-dimensional framework of theme (macro environment) and price (valuation) implemented in a structured and repeatable manner.

      Asset classes perform differently in specific market conditions. Having an expert navigate this to create a diversified solution is key to providing superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

      Integrated approach.
      We consider the interplay between asset classes, sectors and sub sectors. We also look at each holding’s contribution to the portfolio’s overall sensitivity to different macro drivers, such as currency, interest rate risk, etc.

      Optimal in size.
      Our boutique structure makes us nimble enough to implement our investment ideas swiftly, while being part of a large group, offers excellent infrastructure and support.

      ESG integration.
      Environmental, social and governance factors are incorporated into our investment decisions at both a macroeconomic and company level. This feeds into responsible ownership in two ways: firstly, in our decision on which assets to own and, secondly, how it influences the assets we already own.

      Risk management.
      Deliberately embedded in our process, risk cognizance is a critical part of our expertise. Our risk management has continually improved over time and is integrated into our thinking. We analyse how each asset complements each other, and the risk is assessed before any trade is made.

      Our competitive edge
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      Our flagship unit trusts range of ten funds out of a total 40 unit trusts

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