Old Mutual
Combining the expertise of top local and
global asset managers into a single fund.

      Old Mutual Multi-Managers 

      We offer affordable investments that blend together the best South African and offshore asset managers. These funds offer diversified access to a range of asset classes. We conduct in-depth qualitative and quantitative analyses when selecting asset managers.

      When constructing our portfolios, we follow a rigorous and repeatable process. This involves developing long-term strategic asset allocation benchmarks around which shorter-term tactical investment decisions are made.
      What we offer
      • Diversified across asset classes and asset managers, our funds of funds are each designed to meet a different risk and return investment needs. We provide two main portfolio offerings:
      • Strategy Funds. These funds target “inflation plus” returns, using specialist building blocks that exploit a robust asset allocation process. We first blend asset classes together to achieve the target objectives and then select the best fund managers in the industry to implement our asset allocation decisions.
      • Multi-asset class funds. To create these funds, we blend asset managers in a way that ensures their investment styles complement one another, while the overall solution still has the maximum probability of achieving the desired outcome.
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      Our competitive edge
      • Asset class and style diversity.
        We select asset managers who specialise in managing different asset classes using different investment styles. This diversity decreases portfolio risk and reduce the dependence on specific market conditions.
      • Access to top asset managers.
        We undertake rigorous research, not only into fund performance history, but also the investment strategy, philosophy, process, portfolio construction methodology and risk management of the individual asset managers.
      • Active asset allocation.
        We control the allocation to local and global asset classes and will vary these allocations over time.
      • Cost-effective.
        Given the size of our assets under management, we can access a range of asset managers at a potentially lower fee than if you invested directly with the underlying managers.
      • Peace of mind.
        We leverage off Old Mutual’s sophisticated back-office and risk systems and resources to streamline processes and costs.
      Our competitive edge
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