Unit TrustsUnit Trusts are an amazingly flexible investment option and can be used to grow your
wealth and achieve a number of investment and life goals. Invest in Old Mutual Unit
Trust funds via accredited financial planners or invest online.

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      Unit trusts are a great investment vehicle because they are:

      Affordable and Accessible: Because investors buy into a pool of funds, they can hold shares without having to lay out big amounts of capital. For as little as R500 a month, you can invest in Old Mutual Unit Trusts.

      Diverse: Because a unit trust is a basket of diverse shares, this reduces the risk of investment risk.

      Liquid: Investors can buy and sell units on demand.

      Safe: The fund is set up under a trust deed and the investor is a beneficiary under the trust company.
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      Our flagship unit trusts range of ten funds out of a total 40 unit trusts


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