Digital Solutions

Reach us anytime, anywhere using your desktop and mobile device.

      What are our digital solutions

      At Old Mutual Unit Trusts, we are committed to delivering a seamless online investment experience through our digital solutions. We offer you the convenience of being able to transact safely and securely online from the comfort of your home through our secure website and mobile App.

      Electronic Distribution of 2022 Unit Trusts Tax Certificates
      Old Mutual Unit Trusts will be following the broader Old Mutual Group’s initiative of distributing tax certificates across various digital channels, as opposed to you receiving these via post or email. You will be able to access your tax certificates via our digital channels from the 2022 tax year onwards.

      Accessing tax certificates
      As we prepare for the release of your 2022 tax certificates, we would like to encourage you to review our digital channels in order to retrieve your 2022 tax certificates. Scroll down or click on Login in at the top right of this page, to access or create a secure login now. When your 2022 tax certificates become available your retrieval process will be easier and faster.

      Further down on this page are the links to download the Old Mutual App via the various App stores depending on your model of mobile phone and then access/retrieve your tax certificates, when available.

      Send us a WhatsApp! You can access your tax certificates via WhatsApp. Simply save the number 0860 933 333 and say "Hi" and you will receive the options available to you.

      You will be notified digitally via either an SMS, email or an in-app notification once your tax certificates are available for you to retrieve.

      Retrieving your tax certificates has never been easier!
      Benefits of using our digital solutions
      • Immediate website registration approval allowing instant access to secure reporting and online transaction functionality.
      • Detailed single needs financial planning tools that seamlessly integrate into transaction tools. These allow you to easily invest and transact directly online, assisting you in achieving your financial goals.
      • Comprehensive investment reporting and transaction functionality within a secure online environment, available 24 hours a day.
      • An enhanced online transaction approval process that allows you to accept transactions submitted by your planner (where applicable).
      • The ability to track all transactions submitted by yourself or your planner, online.
      A solution for every investor
      How to access our digital solutions

      You can now transact online, make an additional investment or switch funds with ease via the Old Mutual Wealth and Unit Trusts client website.
      Access the Old Mutual Client Portal User Guide to assist you in getting started.

      Need to register?
      If you have not yet registered to view and transact online, we encourage you to do so!

      We have created an easy-to-follow User Guide to assist you with your registration.


      • view your products and investment portfolio
      • easily download policy documents and tax certificates
      • update your cellphone number
      • Change debit order banking details and debit order date.
      • access messages in the messaging centre
      • request a ‘call me back’ to apply for products
      • and much more…

      Now it’s simpler and easier than ever to access your portfolio and products using the new Old Mutual App. The app offers a richer experience where you can:

      Features & Benefits
      The Old Mutual App is available for download from the various app stores.

      Search for the name Old Mutual from your mobile device’s app store, click on your app store link and install the new Old Mutual app.

      It’s easy to switch to electronic communication!
      • Quicker and timeous delivery of correspondence, with a lower carbon footprint when compared to post correspondence. 
      • Transaction statements are password protected to ensure your investment and personal information remain confidential. 
      • Allows you to “opt in” to receive additional correspondence (such as transaction notifications), which is not available for post correspondence.


      Send a request to the Old Mutual Unit Trusts service centre to change your correspondence preference to email. You can do so by calling us on 0860 234 234 or +27 21 503 1770 or emailing

      With the ever-increasing use of technology, Old Mutual believes in the benefits of sending correspondence via email as opposed to post:

      Features & Benefits
      Approve transactions electronically

      How does it work?

      • Your financial planner will continue to capture various instructions online and select to submit it to you electronically
      • You will receive an email or sms about the pending instruction
      • Simply log on to the Old Mutual Wealth App or the Secure Client Portal, click on the relevant notification, view the documentation detailing the instruction and click on Accept or Decline.
      • If accepted, the instruction will be sent for processing. If declined, your financial planner will be in touch to address any concerns you may have.

      Our electronic signature functionality allows both you and your financial planner the ability to submit and approve instructions electronically. This paperless measure streamlines our current processes to enhance your online investment experience while reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.

      electronic signature
      How do I get in touch

      For your convenience and peace of mind, download the Old Mutual App or register and login into to view your portfolio.

      Want to speak to someone?
      Request a callback on our website.

      Contact our Service Centre at 0860 234 234 if you have any queries.