Invest for a future
that matters

      How we invest today determines the quality of our future. At Old Mutual Unit Trusts, we strive to invest in companies with better ESG scores – sustaining the environment, improving social conditions and promoting good governance. Building sustainable wealth for generations to come.

      What is ESG?

      Environmental – looks at the effects of issues such as climate change, pollution, food security and water scarcity.  
      – considers socio-economic issues such as impacts on the community, inequality as well as health and safety.
      – focusses on how companies are constituted, the depth of experience on the board, levels of diversity and independence. 

      Regulation 28 compliance
      Understanding ESG investments

        Our ESG funds help you to invest in companies with better ESG scores - sustaining the environment, improving social conditions, and promoting good governance, without sacrificing returns. At Old Mutual Unit Trusts we have rated ALL our Old Mutual Unit Trusts funds listed on the Old Mutual Wealth investment platform on ESG to enable you to easily invest with purpose. This was done in collaboration with MSCI, a global leader in investment research.

        With the Old Mutual ESG Fund Ratings, our investment managers can assess and determine their progress while creating specific strategies for improvement. The ratings will ease ESG investing for you and your planner as the analysis of the funds will be done on your behalf. Our objective is to collaborate with other players across the financial services industry and to motivate the broader industry to adopt ESG fund ratings and build trust through disclosure and full transparency.

        MSCI ESG Research provides ESG Fund Ratings on a scale of AAA (leader) to CCC (laggard), according to exposure of the underlying assets held to industry-specific ESG risks and the ability to manage those risks relative to peers.

        View the ESG rating of our funds here