Practical steps to help you get financially fit!

      8 Steps to Financial Fitness Series

      Every year, thousands of South Africans make New Year’s resolutions along the lines of "improve my finances". Many, however, find themselves going back to old habits by February of the new year.

      Like physical fitness, financial fitness requires small steps every day to reach your goals.

      Old Mutual Unit Trusts wants to help all South Africans achieve financial fitness in 2021.

      We want to do this by sharing practical insights from our financial experts and hope this will make financial fitness a reality for you and your household.

      Look out for a new episode every week, until all 8 steps of the series are complete!
      Episode 1 - A goal for every life stage.

      Aligning your personal goals to your values is the first step you should take on your financial fitness journey. Elize Botha, Managing Director of Old Mutual Unit Trusts provides practical steps on how to create a plan so that your goals become a reality.

      How to achieve financial fitness in 2021 - Download pdf

      Elize Botha

      Episode 2 - Thinking like a boss.

      Pat Magadla, Senior Business Development Manager at Old Mutual Investment Group, encourages you to think of yourself as a small business to get ahead. By applying universal business management principles to your personal finances, you can own your fitness journey.

      Thinking like a boss - Download pdf

      Pat Magadla

      Episode 3 – Creating stability with an emergency fund.

      At a time, they most needed it many households found themselves out of pocket as they had no funds to see them through the financial impact of COVID-19. Gontse Tsatsi, Head of Retail Distribution at Old Mutual Investment Group, provides insights on how to invest for emergencies, so that they don’t derail your financial plans.

      Stability with and Emergency Fund – download pdf

      Gontse Tsatsi

      Episode 4 - What “is” and what “isn’t” an asset.

      According to a poll by Old Mutual, many South African's think that investing is only for the wealthy. Siboniso Nxumalo, Head of Equities at Old Mutual Investment Group, debunks common myths about investing. He also shares tips on how to invest in assets which can help you to build your wealth.

      What “is” and what “isn’t” an asset - Download pdf

      Siboniso Nxumalo

      Episode 5 - The three levers of investing: Diversification, risk and time.

      When people think of investing, they think of risk. Michael Dodd, Head of Equity at Old Mutual Multi-Managers, unpacks the three levers of investing by looking at diversification, risk and time. He also provides guidance on how to approach the complex world of investing so that you can take the steps you need to get financially fit.

      Decoding diversification – Download pdf

      Michael Dodd

      Episode 6 – Long, long-term investing.

      Staying invested and avoiding short-term decisions, that may take you off course, are key to achieving your long-term financial goals. Zain Wilson, Portfolio Manager at Old Mutual Investment Group shares his insights on how to build a resilient investment plan by taking a long-term approach to investing.

      Long, Long-Term Investing – Download pdf

      Zain Wilson

      Episode 7 – Investing for a future that matters.

      Responsible Investing is rooted in an understanding that how we invest today determines the quality of our future. Fawaz Fakier, ESG Portfolio Manager at Old Mutual Investment Group unpacks responsible investing and how including ESG considerations in your investments can lead to competitive returns while creating a sustainable future.

      Investing for a future that matters – Download pdf

      Fawaz Fakier

      Episode 8 – Being an activist with your money.

      Melissa Moore, Investment Analyst at Futuregrowth discusses investor activism and how you can be an activist with your money. She also encourages investors to hold their investment managers and board of trustees accountable for integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their investment processes.

      How to be an activist with your money – Download pdf

      Melissa Moore

      Helping you to achieve your goals

      At Old Mutual Unit Trusts, we truly have a unit trust for every need and financial goal.

      Partner with us to get on track to achieving your financial goals and become financially fit.

      For more information and the best solution for you, contact your financial adviser.

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