Old Mutual
Unit Trusts
Unit Trusts are a flexible investment option
with a wide range of products to choose from.

      Institutional Solution

      At Old Mutual Unit Trusts we have a long and successful track record of providing unit trust investment options for institutional and corporate investors. Through our comprehensive range of unit trusts, we aim to meet the increasingly sophisticated and diverse investment goals of our clients.

      Our investment approach, extensive fund range and large fund sizes allow us to offer competitive service fees as well as lower investment minimums compared to segregated funds. In addition, the significant portfolio sizes mean the liquidity required for large flows can be handled with ease. We can advise and guide you throughout the investment process and this support underscores our commitment to deliver on clients’ goals. We offer easy access to portfolio statements and fund regulatory reporting, while our legal and compliance experts ensure that we comply with the highest standards of governance and best practice.
      What we offer