Investing for retirementSecuring your retirement should always be your first investment goal.
Our market-linked retirement annuity is an affordable and flexible 
way to accumulate and grow your retirement savings.
      individual our solutions investing for retirement
      Retirement AnnuityIf you want to grow your retirement capital, Old Mutual Retirement Annuity is one of the most affordable retirement annuities in South Africa: you only pay for the unit trusts you choose; there are no additional fees and charges; and you can easily start investing online.Features & Benefits
      • Save money as often as you want. You can invest a lump sum, make regular payments on a monthly basis, make ad hoc payments or opt for all three, with no penalties.
      • Access to the full range of Old Mutual’s best performing unit trust funds.
      • Tailor your investment portfolio to suit your specific retirement needs.
      • Access your portfolio 24/7 in our secure online environment, where you can manage your unit trust investment at any time.
      • Switch between unit trusts to restructure your portfolio as your investor profile changes.
      • Retirement annuity contributions are tax deductible.
      • Any capital appreciation in the value of your units is currently tax free*.
      • Option to invest online or through your planner.
      • INVEST NOW for your retirement - simply start saving for retirement online,
        download the application form or speak to your financial planner about investing in unit trust-based retirement annuities.
      Features & Benefits
      Retirement Annuity Tax

      Old Mutual Retirement Annuity contributions are tax-deductible, within legislative limits, and any capital appreciation in the value of your units is currently tax free. You may not access your investment until you retire.

      Please read the Retirement Annuity brochure for details on the tax benefits as well as the other features and benefits of this very attractive retirement investment.

      Best of all, you can manage your investment portfolio online, 24/7, by registering for our secure services.

      Retirement Annuity Tax
      Relevant formsRelevant formsBeneficiary nomination

      You may nominate beneficiaries to receive the proceeds of your investment in the Old Mutual Retirement Annuity Fund in the event of your death while you are still a member of the Fund.

      Note that in terms of section 37C of the Pension Funds Act of 1956, the Board of Trustees is tasked with the equitable distribution of the benefit amongst your dependants and nominated beneficiaries. Although the Trustees will take your wishes expressed in this form into account, they are not bound by them but are also required to consider the claims of persons who were dependants, as defined by the Pension Funds Act, at the time of your death.

      In order for the Trustees to have the most accurate information before them, it is important that you regularly update the beneficiaries you have nominated as your family circumstances change.

      Download the beneficiary nomination form or advise the Fund in writing.

      Please ensure your allocations for nominated beneficiaries total 100%. If not, and where you do not have any dependants, any balance of the benefit payable will be paid to your estate. Also, the nomination of your estate is unlikely to be upheld in the event that you have dependants.

      Beneficiary nomination
      How to access our digital solutionsYou can now transact online, make an additional investment or switch funds with ease via the Old Mutual Wealth and Unit Trusts client website.

      Access the Old Mutual Client Portal User Guide to assist you in getting started.

      Need to register?

      If you have not yet registered to view and transact online, we encourage you to do so!

      We have created an easy-to-follow User Guide to assist you with your registration.
      The Old Mutual Wealth Client App provides you with easy access to your portfolio information at any time, gives you an overview of all of your Old Mutual holdings in one place as well as the ability to approve any submitted transactions through electronic signature functionality.

      Steps to download the App:

      • Visit the Apple App Store, Google Playstore (device dependant) or Huawei App Gallery
      • Search "Old Mutual Wealth" in the search bar
      • Click "Install" once you have found Old Mutual Wealth
      • Register for a profile or login if you already have one 
      Features & Benefits
      Complete your application onlineIt's easier than ever to invest.

      Time is money and we’re not about to waste yours. With our swift and simple online application process, you can apply to invest from your work desk, from home or even when you’re on vacation – whenever it suits you best.

      Online application