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      Old Mutual, in partnership with Albaraka Bank, offers you three expertly managed and designed Shari’ah compliant funds: the Old Mutual Albaraka Equity Fund, Old Mutual Albaraka Balanced Fund and Old Mutual Albaraka Income Fund. Ours is a partnership that works for you because we offer you the best of both. Whether you’re a Muslim investor seeking Shari’ah compliant funds, or simply want to manage your wealth in a way that is consciously ethical, you can invest in what you believe in, assured that your rewards remain pure.
      What we offer

      Old Mutual Albaraka Equity Fund - This fund provides investors with the opportunity to invest in equities listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE).

      Old Mutual Albaraka Balanced Fund - This moderately aggressive asset allocation fund invests in local and international asset classes.

      Old Mutual Albaraka Income Fund - This fund aims to offer investors an ethical investment vehicle providing income and relative capital stability over time.

      Shariah investing
      Shari'ah Investment PrinciplesThese principles govern Islamic investment funds and prohibit trading in the shares of companies whose core business constitutes non-permissible activities such as:

      • Interest-based money lending transactions (no money market or bond investments may be used)
      • Conventional insurance business in any form in terms of insurance legislation
      • Embryonic or stem cell research and cloning
      • The manufacture, sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages
      • Nightclubs, pornography and gambling, including companies with interests in casinos
      • The sale of non-Halaal meat
      • Trading of gold and silver as cash on a deferred basis
      What we offer