My big goalDo you have a dream, but can’t afford it? Having a clear goal in
mind is the best motivation to save money. The Investment Series is a
selection of unit trusts aiming to meet the needs of every investor, for every stage of life.

      Invest for your goal

      When deciding on the most suitable unit trusts, it is important to know how long you have to reach your goals. Short-term goals needing to be met within one to three years may require lower-risk funds, while longer-term goals can be met through higher risk/higher return funds.
      About the Investment Series

      The Old Mutual Investment Series offers a solution for every investor, for every stage of life. Our core range of 10 selected investments, offer you a solution to help you reach your financial goals at every stage of your unique life journey.

      About the Investment Series
      Why invest in Unit trusts

      Unit trusts use the combined money of investors to invest in global stock markets and economies. This money is managed by investment professionals, called portfolio managers, who buy shares and other asset classes on behalf of their clients, according to the unit trusts mandate. Whether you’re investing via our secure site or through your financial planner, it is important that you understand what you are buying.

      • Unit trusts offer you the flexibility to tailor a portfolio that suits your specific investment needs and time horizon.
      • You can buy them direct or through a financial planner.
      • You can access the stock exchange without needing knowledge or experience of investing in equities.
      • The ability to diversify (spread) your investment across markets, sectors and economies greatly reduce your investment risk.
      • Money invested in unit trusts is easily accessible, especially in times of emergency.
      • Unit trusts are tax-efficient, providing tax exemptions on interest income and capital gains tax.
      • Unit trusts offer exciting capital growth opportunities over the medium to long-term.
      • Online transactional capability: you can buy, sell and switch units in your portfolio online.

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      Make money on your money


      If you leave your investment for a long period of time, the investment not only grows each year, but grows exponentially. The interest is called compound interest, and is the key to long-term growth and wealth.

      Compounding simply means making on your original investment as well as on the gains made the following years (i.e. growth on growth over time). In short, as your money makes money, so it should make more, a relatively simple concept that, over time, Is hugely beneficial.

      Did you know that when investing, your money is working for you through a simple concept called compounding growth?

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      How much should I be investing

      No matter what you're investing for, finding out how much money you need to put away each month is the first step to a prosperous tomorrow. the INVESTRIGHT investment calculator will help you calculate how much you need to save to make your goals a reality.

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      Complete your application online

      Time is money and we’re not about to waste yours. With our swift and simple online application process, you can apply to invest from your work desk, from home or even when you’re on vacation – whenever it suits you best.

      It's easier than ever to invest.

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