CareersThis is an opportunity to work alongside
talented professionals who share a passion
for helping our clients reach their investment goals

      Investment Analyst Development Programme

      Equipping you to identify tomorrow’s winning investments and communicate with conviction and confidence.

      If you answer “yes” to these questions, then this programme is for you!

      Why join us?

      This programme offers people with a passion for investments an intensive on-the-job training programme to become an investment analyst. It aims to advance and retain aspiring investment professionals and, in so doing, build a pipeline of emerging investment talent within Old Mutual Investment Group.

      Candidates are employed on a permanent basis, with the training programme lasting 12 months. You will need to complete certain courses while on the programme, with CFA being a basic requirement.

        Benefits of the programme

        • Being part of a DYNAMIC, HIGH-PERFORMING TEAM of investment professionals
        • Being under the MENTORSHIP of experienced analysts and fund managers
        • Gaining an understanding of the INVESTMENT INDUSTRY and REGULATORY ENVIRONMENTS
        • Acquiring experience in conducting RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS
        • BUILD MODELS to assimilate data and analyse investment opportunities within the context of the team's philosophy and the client’s mandate

        Do you qualify?

        The entry requirements for our Investment Analyst Development Programme are:

        • A degree in investments, finance, accounting or related discipline
        • At least three years of work experience
        • A passion for analysis and investments
        • Extraordinary confidence, an insatiable curiosity and the temperament to excel under pressure.

        HOW TO APPLY
        Email us to find out more about this programme and what we are looking for in candidates.