Our StructureWe are one of South Africa’s premier
asset managers. We bring together the
independent thinking of specialised
investment teams to manage a
comprehensive range of capabilities.
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      Our Heritage

      As part of Old Mutual Limited, we share in the 175-year heritage of helping South Africans save. Old Mutual Investment Group operates as a multi-boutique investment house. While our boutiques function with investment autonomy, they are supported by shared world-class operating systems and teams.

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      The Advantages of Our Structure

      Our structure incorporates independent thinking and research into bespoke investment processes.

      Our specialist investment teams have investment autonomy, each applying distinctly different investment philosophies and processes, while benefiting from the scale and shared resources of Old Mutual Investment Group.

      Having centralised operational infrastructure and support for our boutiques frees the portfolio managers to solely focus on achieving investment excellence for our clients.

      Our structure affords a greater depth of focus and the agility to act fast and seize market opportunities. The long-term success of this approach is affirmed in performance track records the investment teams have built up over decades.

      The teams have equity ownership stakes in their business and are invested right alongside their clients in the portfolios they manage – a powerful incentive to deliver strong performance.

      Our entrepreneurial model allows us to attract and retain great investment talent.