Old Mutual Specialised
Finance (OMSFIN)
We provide tailor-made funding solutions and acquire
and manage alternative investment risk for profit.
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      Old Mutual Specialised Finance (OMSFIN)

      We offer bespoke funding solutions to clients seeking term debt funding. We have excellent relationships with major banks operating in South Africa and the rest of Africa, and actively participate in larger and/or more complex debt transactions.
      What We Offer

      Trading, Treasury & Asset Liability Management. These teams manage the market and liquidity risks associated with Old Mutual’s guaranteed products and other investment market related liabilities. We use our knowledge of insurance liabilities and financial assets to help Old Mutual solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.

      Asset Origination. This comprises a variety of capital-raising activities across a broad range of debt financing products, including overnight and term debt, preference share funding and inflation-linked funding. We focus on four main sectors, these being principal investments & leveraged finance, corporate lending, infrastructure finance and property finance.

      Risk and Capital Management. This highly skilled and experienced team of risk and quantitative analysts are responsible for managing the risk and capital implications across our range of capabilities. All transactions are assessed on an economic capital basis, similar to what the banks do (i.e. assessing the expected loss, the return on risk-adjusted capital and the portfolio impact of the transaction).

      Old Mutual Specialised Finance
      Meet the TeamTelephone: +27 21 509 1448 or +27 21 504 7947 / Email: reception@omsfin.com