We are a diverse team of talented professionals
committed to both helping our clients meet their
investment goals and contributing to a future that matters.

      Our Transformation

      There is a direct link between the prosperity of our country and the prosperity of our clients. As an enabler of economic activity, a custodian of people’s savings and a large employer, we have a role to play in addressing inequality within our society. Our robust transformation strategy aims to develop and support diversified and transformed talent both within our organisation and externally; grow black ownership of our business; and support previously disadvantaged communities.

      Our Transformation
      Beyond the B-BBEE scorecard - Pillars of Transformation

      To develop a truly diverse workforce across our organisation, we have a dedicated Transformation subcommittee made up of members of the Executive. The committee’s role is to drive our broad-based transformation agenda, which focuses on four pillars that aim to make a meaningful difference both within our organisation and externally.

      Increasing Black and Female Business Leadership

      To advance our employees and bring a greater level of diversity into our leadership structures, we drive the progression of talented black and female professionals into middle and senior management positions. We do this, in part, through our long-term leadership development programme and through formal and informal mentorship.

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      Increasing Black and Female Investment Decision-Makers

      As an investment manager, it is crucial that we attract and retain exceptional and diverse investment talent. Our Investment Analyst Development programme aims to equip young professionals to work in the asset management industry. This comprehensive programme includes mentorship, on-the-job assignments and formal training. We also proactively seek to procure goods and services from B-BBEE enterprises and suppliers, with a specific focus on stockbrokers.

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      Black Ownership and Shareholding

      Old Mutual Investment Group’s shareholders are Old Mutual Investments (wholly owned by Old Mutual Ltd), senior management and investment staff and the Imfundo Trust. Our shareholder structure facilitates senior management and investment employees owning equity within our business. As most of our senior management and portfolio managers are black, there is a significant level of black ownership within our business. Our ownership structure is truly broad based and we are committed to achieving majority black ownership of our business.

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      Responsible Investing Impact on Corporate Transformation

      As active stewards of our clients’ capital, we regularly engage investee companies to influence their transformation agenda. Our proxy voting records also illustrate the various transformation issues we champion. These include board composition and the configuration of B-BBEE transactions, strategies and succession planning.

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      Our Score

      We are certified as a broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) Level 1 contributor on a scale of level 8 to level 1 (with level 1 being the highest possible rating). We attained this level in April 2021, having previously been at a level 2 since 2013. Download our 2021/2022 B-BBEE Certificate and B-BBEE Scorecard