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Let our Listed Equity Stewardship Services give you a consolidated, 
single voice on the ESG issues affecting your listed equity holdings.


      Our listed equity stewardship capability is available to institutional investors seeking a single, consolidated approach to active ownership in a manner that aligns with fiduciary requirements.

      We believe that active ownership drives the kind of change that enhances long-term value. Within listed equity, we do this through actively voting on proxies, engaging with company leaders on material ESG issues and addressing key public policy issues to build marketplace resilience. Our approach is not to constrain the investment universe, but to rather mitigate ESG risks and take advantage of long-term ESG trends.

      As a team dedicated to carrying out stewardship activities, we have built up a strong track record of engaging companies. We assess and monitor the most material ESG risks across a listed portfolio using our proprietary ESG Profile Score.
      What we offer

      Our Listed Equity Stewardship Service enables institutional investors to pool their stewardship firepower and, in so doing, maximise the long-term value of their equity holdings. We offer you the choice of two levels of stewardship service, along with the relevant reports:

      Stewardship Services

      The first level of service we offer involves ESG risk screening, using our proprietary ESG Profile Score. We assess and monitor the most material ESG risks across your client portfolios. Based on this screening, and in conjunction with our investment practices, we manage the entire proxy voting process. The second level of service is company and market engagements. As directed by yourselves, we undertake to engage company management on material ESG issues and address key public policy issues on your behalf.

      To better understand our approach, read our guidelines for listed equity stewardship.

      Stewardship Services

      We generate reports that, depending on the level of service you choose, include relevant information about proxy voting and/or company and market engagements. This facilitates greater transparency, enabling you to further report to your clients and stakeholders on their shareholder activism. To better understand our offering, read Old Mutual’s Stewardship Reports and case studies on how we have facilitated the integration of ESG factors into our stewardship processes.

      Stewardship Services
      Why Choose Us

      Experienced team. When using our Listed Equity Stewardship Services, you are accessing an experienced team that actively stewards assets in a consistent and transparent manner.

      Client collaboration. Our approach is completely client driven, as we collaborate with you and align with your stewardship needs.

      Collective impact. Pooling our stewardship firepower enables us to speak with one voice and benefit from the impact of scale.

      Transparency. Detailed portfolio level reporting on all company engagements and voting outcomes enables you to meet FSCA requirements and keep your stakeholders informed.

      Proven, flexible processes. We have developed effective systems and engagement strategies that align with best practice standards for responsible investment.

      Strong internal governance. All external service providers are subject to Old Mutual Investment Group's IT assurance processes, while all internal IT systems are subject to Old Mutual Investment Group’s governance protocols. Our internal audit team reviews annual practices and data, while independent auditors undertake external assurance on published vote data

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