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      Our index-tracking process encompasses a wide spectrum of styles, including vanilla, ESG and smart beta indices. We invest across all asset classes and can track any listed index. These solutions aim to deliver long-term growth by replicating the index being tracked. We construct indexation portfolios that deliver returns in line with the benchmark and at a much lower cost than traditional active portfolios. Using a mathematical and systematic approach to track an index, we hold an optimal blend of securities that minimises both the tracking error and return differentials relative to the benchmark. Our process has proven to work in tracking both standard and highly complex and illiquid indices.

      The equity indices we currently track are the FTSE/JSE SWIX All Share, FTSE/JSE Capped SWIX All Share, FTSE/JSE SWIX Top 40, FTSE/JSE All Share, FTSE/JSE Capped All Share and the FTSE/JSE Top 40 Indices.

      These solutions are aimed at cost-sensitive investors who seek capital growth over the medium to long term and have a tolerance for fluctuations in equity markets.


      Benchmark: Respective Index being tracked

      Objective: These solutions aim to generate returns in line with the respective indices.