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      Global Macro Equity

      This is a worldwide equity strategy that aims to outperform its benchmark through active investment allocations towards particular global investment segments. These segments include industries, countries, regions or currencies. The allocations are made opportunistically to capitalise on macroeconomic trends.

      The investment team uses both fundamental analysis and macroeconomic research to identify the potential factors that may drive changes in economies and industries. In this way, the most attractive global investment segments are identified and the strategy is tilted accordingly. Similarly, the strategy intends to have underweight positions in segments that are expected to lag due to overrated prices or macroeconomic headwinds.

      The risk exposure in the strategy is managed by ensuring that there is ample diversification and by controlling the relative size of the individual active positions taken.


      Benchmark: MSCI All Country World Index (dividends reinvested), net of withholding tax

      Objective: The portfolio aims to outperform its benchmark over the long term.