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      African Frontiers

      This listed equity strategy invests in a selection of fast-growing economies in Africa (excluding South Africa). The portfolio management team seeks companies that show potential to grow, are undervalued, well managed and where they can build up a reasonable exposure. The foundation of their approach is rigorous bottom-up fundamental valuation, focusing on those companies where they have actively engaged with management. In many instances, industry and company information is limited. As such, the team spends time in countries, meeting with management, suppliers, customers and shareholders, among others, to gain a better understanding of specific sovereign risks and opportunities.

      The strategy is suited to institutional investors seeking listed equity exposure to Africa, excluding South Africa. The strategy has a relatively high risk/return profile.


      Benchmark: MSCI Emerging Frontier Market Africa ex SA Index

      Objective: The high risk portfolio aims to outperform its benchmark over the long term.