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      Profile Moderate

      This actively managed asset allocation portfolio has a conservative risk profile. It aims to provide investors with an attractive combination of stable capital growth and capital protection. It invests in a well-diversified mix of local and global assets. A selection of quality shares helps defend capital against inflation and provides valuable dividend payouts. Bonds, property and money market securities, on the other hand, provide volatility protection and a steady income yield.

      This solution is suitable for investors nearing retirement who want to preserve wealth while continuing to grow capital.

      The portfolio complies with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act.


      Benchmark:  Static asset allocation benchmark

      Objective: The portfolio targets a return of CPI + 4% a year (gross of fees) over the long term, while also aiming to minimise capital loss over rolling 18-month periods. The portfolio has a low level of risk relative to a typical balanced fund.