MacroSolutionsWe offer a range of equity, property
and multi-asset class solutions

      Our Investment Approach

      We apply a pragmatic approach to building and managing equity, property and multi-asset class solutions. We seek to invest in assets that are both attractively priced and experiencing tail-winds to their growth prospects. To do this, we blend top-down and bottom-up research, use quantitative tools and apply our philosophy of theme and price. This process informs our investable universe. When constructing our clients’ portfolios, we take a longer-term perspective, consciously allocating our risk budget and actively incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. This robust process is designed to deliver sustainable and repeatable returns that exceed our clients’ expectations.
      What We Offer

      We offer investors access to actively managed South African, Africa (ex-SA) and global portfolios. Our Profile range for retirement funds spans the risk/return spectrum, while our US dollar-denominated solutions provide global diversification via selected offshore-based asset managers. We also offer a medical aid solution that complies with the requirements of Regulation 30 of the Medical Schemes Act, and we are able to build customised portfolios tailored to meet specific client needs.


      Our Competitive Edge

      Disciplined framework. By using a structured, disciplined and measurable implementation framework, our philosophy captures both price (valuation) and theme (environment) in a two-dimensional approach.

      A dynamic, well-resourced team. We are an experienced and a well-qualified and diverse team. A collaborative leadership style ensures that investment ideas are challenged and debated, with only the best-ranked ideas being selected.

      The full toolbox of asset classes. We access the full toolbox when building portfolios to provide superior risk-adjusted returns to our clients. We look beyond the conventional asset classes and break the investment universe into smaller asset clusters that behave similarly. We also access other assets such as commodities, convertible bonds and alternative assets in our more dynamic offerings.

      Risk management through intelligent portfolio construction. Our disciplined portfolio construction process provides detailed insight into each share’s contribution to portfolio volatility. This enables us to create an optimal and a risk-adjusted portfolio of shares and enhances our ability to achieve more stable returns through various market cycles.

      ESG integration. Environmental, social and governance considerations are a core component of our investment philosophy. Our proprietary ESG analysis helps identify issues that currently, or at some point in the future, may materially impact the long-term value of a company. This feeds into responsible ownership in two ways: firstly, whether to own an asset and, secondly, how we influence ESG outcomes on assets we already own.

      Meet the Team

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